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Circular Regarding Inauguration of Passport Camp.Circular 124_16.0720187/16/2018
Circular Regarding Camp For Registration of Passport.Circular 122_14.0720187/14/2018
Confidential Report - 2018...AN.3020 Dt.14.07.2018_14.0720187/14/2018
Heritage Walk for Non-Teaching Employees..Heritage Walk for Non-Teaching Employees_13.0720187/13/2018
Circular No.-107/2018 Dt. 05.07.2018 : Regarding Seniority List of Non Teaching Staff.Cricular No. 107_11.0720187/12/2018
1.Seniority list of Class I to 3 as on 31.12.2017.1Seniorty List Class 1 to 3 as on 31.12.2017_12.0720187/12/2018
2.Seniority Class I II & III Seniority Tech as on 31.12.2017.2Seniority List Tech as on 31.12.2017_11.0720187/12/2018
3.Seniority Class-4 as on 31.12.2017.3Class-4 Senarity List Tech. as on 31.12.2017_12.0720187/12/2018
4.Seniority Peon as on 31.12.2017.4Seniority List Peon as on 31.12.2017_11.0720187/12/2018
5.Press-Seniority as on 31.12.2017.5Press-Seniority List as on 31.12.2017_11.0720187/12/2018
6.Fund Seniority List as on 31.12.2017.6Fund Seniority List as on 31.12.2017_11.0720187/12/2018
Circular Regarding Revision in Terms & Conditions of Gold Coin Gift Scheme at the time of Retirement for Teachers, Officers &  Non-Teaching StaffCircular 106_050720187/5/2018
Confidential Report - 2018.AN.2849 Dt.02.07.2018_020720187/2/2018
Circular Regarding The Charge of Director, Information Technology Service.AN 2838 30.06.2018_020720187/2/2018
Circular Regarding Honorarium to Non-Teaching Staff for Ph.D.Circular No.101_300620186/30/2018
Monsoon Adhiveshan - 2018.AN-2801_290620186/29/2018
Vacancy for the post of Assistant (Trainee) under EMPLOYMENT PROMOTION PROGRAMME ..AN 2681, dt.25.6.18_26.0620186/26/2018
Use of Marathi Language in office work.Circular No.97_230620186/23/2018
Regarding Computer training Class III employee.Regarding Computer training employee Class3 22_06_20186/22/2018
Circular Regarding The Charge of RgistrarCircular No.94_20.0620186/20/2018
Circular Regarding process for uploading Confidential Report for the year of 2018.About uploading Confidential report_19.0620186/19/2018
२१ जून, २०१८ - '४ था आंतरराष्ट्रीय योग दिवस' कार्यक्रमाबाबत...२१ जून, २०१८ ४ था आंतरराष्ट्रीय योग दिवस कार्यक्रमाबाबत_19.0620186/19/2018
Circular regarding the Appointment of Booth Level Officer - BLO/Zonal Officer.Circular No.93_19.0620186/19/2018
Circular regarding Confidential Report - 2018.Scan0016_19.0620186/19/2018
Circular Regarding Approval to attain the Exams of University/S.S.C.Board.Approval to attained the exam_18.0720186/19/2018
Circular Regarding IT Service Department..AN-2568 Dt.15.06.18_15.0620186/15/2018
Circular Regarding The Charge of Rgistrar.Circular No.85.2018_12.0620186/12/2018
Circular Regarding Condolence Meeting of Late. Baban Baburao Zore, Hamal, Estate Department.AN-2461_08.0620186/8/2018
Circular Regarding Seven Days Yoga Workshop (21st to 27th June, 2018)...Circular Regarding Seven Days Yoga Workshop (21st to 27th June, 2018)_04.0620186/4/2018
Circular  Regarding The Office Timeing for Convocation.Circular-No.82_31.0520185/31/2018
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