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Savitribai Phule Pune University - Circulars


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Affiliation Circulars Affiliation Circulars    160 6 days ago
Approval Circulars Approval Circulars    141 8 days ago
Board of College and University Development Circulars Board of College and University Development Circulars    2 5 years ago
Boards And Meetings Circulars Boards And Meetings Circulars    977 10 hours ago
Circulars for Colleges Circulars for Colleges    147 3 days ago
Circulars for Teachers Circulars for Teachers    14 3 days ago
Circulars for University Departments Circulars for University Departments    55 3 days ago
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M.Phil./Ph.D.Admission Circulars M.Phil./Ph.D.Admission Circulars    216 4 days ago
Medilclaim Policy 2017-18 Medilclaim Policy 2017-18    6 10 months ago
Other Circulars Other Circulars    9 13 months ago
Others Circulars Others Circulars    4 12 months ago
P.G. Admission Circulars P.G. Admission Circulars    0 8 years ago
Planning and Development Circulars Planning and Development Circulars    0 5 years ago
Research & Recognition (RR) Circulars Research & Recognition (RR) Circulars    4 3 months ago
Reservation Circulars Reservation Circulars    45 2 months ago
Right to Information Right to Information    14 17 months ago
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University Gold Medals,Awards,Prizes University Gold Medals,Awards,Prizes    19 3 years ago
University Gold Medals,Awards,Prizes 2021-22 University Gold Medals,Awards,Prizes 2021-22    18 10 months ago
University Gold Medals,Awards,Prizes 2022-23 University Gold Medals,Awards,Prizes 2022-23    0 10 months ago
भारतरत्न जे. आर. डी. टाटा गुणवंत संशोधक शिष्यवृत्ती योजना भारतरत्न जे. आर. डी. टाटा गुणवंत संशोधक शिष्यवृत्ती योजना    2 5 years ago
शासनाच्या विविध शिष्यवृत्ती योजना शासनाच्या विविध शिष्यवृत्ती योजना  Scholarship Circulars  143 7 days ago