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Instruction regarding Cashless Transactions – for University Dept.Instructions regarding Cashless Transaction - for University Dept.29-12-1612/29/2016
Proposal for Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Systems.Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Systems-1-12-1612/1/2016
Revised Circular regarding Foundation Day Award 2016-17Foundation_Day_19-11-1611/19/2016
Circular To All Departments for Eligibilty Fee RemunerationEligibility Remuneration-22-9-169/22/2016
Submission of proposals for financial assistance under QIP 2016-17 QIP Guidelines for University Academic - Admin. Dept2-6-166/2/2016
Foundation Day 2015-16 list of Awardeefoundatation-day-2015-16-list-of-awardee-2-2-162/2/2016
Submission of information for University Calender 2016-17circular-for-UNIVERSITY-CALENDER-2016-17-19-1-161/19/2016
Foundation day award Guideline & application format for Best Department,Innovative Teaching & Felicitation 2015-16Guideline application format for Best Department Innovative Teaching Felicitation 2015-1612/1/2015
On line Submission of Annual Report (2014-15) information for Univesity Departmentsannual-report-information-university-dept-2-11-1511/2/2015