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Circular Regarding Change in office Timing  for NAAC Committee  Visit during  23rd January, 2017 to 25th January, 2017Scan0001_16-1-17New1/16/2017
Charge Of The Headship Of the Department Politicsand Public administrationCircular No 161/14/2017
Dr. R. Raj Rao, Professor taken over the charge as Head, Department of English circular-english rrao_5-1-171/5/2017
Additional Charge of Head Department of Computer ScienceCircular Computer Science_4-1-171/4/2017
Advertisement for the Post of Coordinator & Counsellor, International Centre.Advt. Coordinator and Counsellor_3-1-171/3/2017
Appointment of ISRO Chair ProfessorISRO_20161231174512/31/2016
 Regarding to accord top priority to strengthening the mechanism for addressing grievances of our soldiers in a time bound manner.Circular No.229-29-12-1612/29/2016
Chair AdvertisementChair Advertisement-29-12-1612/29/2016
Circular Regarding Waghmare Gunvant Karmchari Awards 2017AN_6450-27-12-1612/28/2016
Circular Regarding Purushottam Mahadeo Deshpande Awards 2017AN_6449-27-12-1612/27/2016
Circular Regarding The Award for Class A Officer 2017AN_6451-27-12-1612/27/2016
Regarding University / Colleges Gunvant Nonteaching Awards 2017AN_6452-27-12-1612/27/2016
Regarding Biometric Attendancebiomateric-26-12-1612/26/2016
Dr. Prabhakar Desai, has been given additional charge as Director, Board of Student's Welfare and Programme Coordinator, National Service Scheme (NSS) w.e.f. 26.10.2016 until further orders.Administration_Teaching 29-11-1611/29/2016
Circular No. 201/2016 dt. 19.11.2016 Dr. (Smt.) Jayanti U. Tripathy, has been nominated as Director, Centre of Advanced Study in Sanskrit.circular cass head-19-11-1611/19/2016
Circular No. 197/2016 dt. 12.11.2016 Dr. (Smt.) Shailaja Shashikant Katre, has been continued as Head, Department of Sanskrit & Prakrit Languages.Circular-15-11-1611/15/2016
Circular No. 195/2016 (Dr. (Smt.) D. A. Patel - Taken over the  charge as Head, Department of Law)LAW-3-11-1611/3/2016
Regarding The Holiday on 29.10.2016circular-no-190-27-10-1610/27/2016
Circular regarding NAAC office collection of information from various academic & administrative departmentsCircular BCUD-252-25-10-1610/25/2016
Circular No. 187-Circular Regarding The Holiday on Date 29/10/2016Circular No. 187-24-10-1610/24/2016
Circular No. 186/2016 dt. 21.10.2016 Dr. (Smt.) Nutan P. Malpathak Professor taken over the charge as Head, Department of Botany w.e.f. 13.10.2016 Head of the Department of the Botany-21-10-1610/21/2016
 Circular No. 184/2016 dt. 14.10.2016 Dr. Prafulla A. Pawar Professor taken over the charge as Head, Department of Management Sciences w.e.f. 06.10.2016.2016HOD MANAGEMENT SCIENCES-19-10-1610/19/2016
Circular No. 181/2016 dt. 13.10.2016 Dr. Sadanand K. Bhosale, Professor taken over charge as Head, Department of Hindi w.e.f. 01.10.2016Circular No. 181-14-10-1610/14/2016
 Circular No. 182/2016 dt. 07.10.2016 Dr. (Smt.) Lata D. Chhatre, Associate Professor taken over additional charge as Head, Department of Buddhist Studies & Dr. Ambedkar Thoughts w.e.f. 02.07.2016Circular No. 182-14-10-1610/14/2016
Circular No. 183/2016 dt. 07.10.2016 Dr. (Smt.) Lata D. Chhatre, Associate Professor taken over additional charge as Director, Buddhist Studies Centre  w.e.f. 02.07.2016Circular No. 183-14-10-1610/14/2016
Circular No. 173/2016 dt. 03/10/2016 Prior Permission from Ministry of Home Affairs & Ministry of External Affairs while undertaking visits abroad. Chancellors Letter-3-10-1610/3/2016
Circular No. 166/2016 dt. 22/09/2016 (Dr. (Smt.) Dhanmanjiri Sathe, Professor taken over charge as Head, Department of Economics w.e.f. 31.08/2016)HOD ECONOMICS DR SATHE-23-9-169/23/2016
Circular No. 167/2016 dt. 22/09/2016 (Dr. (Smt.) Sumitra A. Kulkarni, Professor taken over charge as Head, Department of History w.e.f. 02/09/2016)History HoD-22-9-169/22/2016
Circular No. 161/2016 dt. 08/09/2016 (Dr. (Smt.) Sunanda Vidyasagar Mahajan, Professor taken over charge as Chairperson (Head), Foreign Languages Coordinators Council w.e.f. 29/08/2016)Circular-9-9-169/9/2016
Applications invited for the post of Vice-Chancellor, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon, Maharashtra. NMU V.C.-1-9-169/1/2016
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