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Regarding relaxation of 5% to the categories mention below of the post of teachers in the colleges affiliated SPPU.(CCO/306, dt. 13/02/2017)306-13-2-172/13/2017
Regarding minimum required qualification of committee members for the selection of teachers post.(CCO/307, dt. 13/02/2017)307-13-2-172/13/2017
Regarding while sending proposals for teacher approval and selection committee reports should be signed by approved Principal only.(CCO/309, dt. 13/02/2017)309-13-2-172/13/2017
Compliance of discrepancies in the proposal of teacher approval.(CCO/199, dt. 28/01/2017)199_30-1-171/30/2017
 Regarding CAS Camp - AGP (6000 to 7000) & (7000 to 8000) Pune District.(CCO/4089, dt. 14/12/2016)4089-14-12-1612/14/2016
Regarding CAS Camp - AGP (6000 to 7000) & (7000 to 8000). (CCO/2098, dt. 19/11/2016)2098-19-11-1611/19/2016
Regarding extension of proposal of teacher approval for local selection committee and C.H.B. (CCO/1977, dt. 28/10/2016)extension-of-proposal-of-teacher-approval-28-10-1610/28/2016
Regarding workload of Education Faculty (CCO/1498,dt. 10/09/2016)1498-10-9-169/10/2016
Regarding schedule of Approval Camp 2016-17 (CCO/1503,dt. 10/09/2016)1503-10-9-169/10/2016
Regarding organizing of Selection Committee within six months (CCO/1381, dt. 22/08/2016)1381-22-8-168/22/2016
Regarding Ph.D. condition (CCO/1361, dt. 16/08/2016)1361-18-8-168/18/2016
Regarding getting sanction of work load and checking of roster.(CCO/1297, dt. 03/08/2016)1297-4-8-468/4/2016
Regarding sending information of Associate Professor and Professor in your College under CAS. (CCO/1294, dt. 03/08/2016)1294-3-8-168/3/2016
Regarding submitting Institution's resolution and undertaking for the post of Acting Principal / Director.(CCO/1295, dt. 03/08/2016)1295-3-8-168/3/2016
Government letter regarding 60 to 62 extention (CCO/1247, dt. 28/07/2016)1247-29-7-167/29/2016
Regarding updation of teacher's post in teacher's profile  (CCO/1075, dt.13/07/2016)1075-14-7-167/14/2016
 Regarding equivalence of M.Sc Biotechnology (CCO/1069, dt. 12/07/2016)equivalence-of-MSc-Biotechnology-12-7-167/12/2016
Regarding to mention SET/NET or Ph.D. qualification in advertisement for filling the posts of teacher.(CCO/904, dt. 13/06/2016)904-13-6-166/13/2016
Educational qualification for getting Teacher Approval for B.B.A., B.B.A. (Computer Application) & B.B.A. (International Business)901-11-6-166/11/2016
Regarding Information about Teaching / Non - Teaching Post in Grantable / Non - Grantable Colleges.788-20-5-165/20/2016
CAS Camp-AGP (8000 to 9000)(Nashik District)CAS Camp-AGP (8000 to 9000)(Nashik District)10-5-165/10/2016
Regarding online submission of selection committee report and approval from academic year within period 1st June to 30th September.Regarding online submission-6-5-165/6/2016
Regarding online submission of CHB proposals from academic year
CAS Camp-AGP (8000 to 9000)Schedule of CAS Progrmme28-4-164/28/2016
 Regarding Various demands of Handicap people.493-1-4-164/1/2016
Regarding revised teacher selection committee report.369-14-3-163/14/2016
Regarding experience document of Candidate recommended by Selection Committee.373-14-3-163/14/2016
Regarding any correction in teacher approval letter within three months.Regarding any correction in teacher approval letter-11-3-163/11/2016
Regarding Guideline book of the Selection Committeeregarding-guideline-book-of-the-selection-committee-2-2-162/2/2016
Regarding revised teacher selection committee report(Format)regarding-revised-teacher-selection-committee-report-format-20-1111/20/2015
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