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Eligibility Date for Non-Professional Courses for the Academic Year 2020-2021.Eligibility Date 31 January 2021_05.0120201/5/2021
Eligibility date extend for Non-Professional CoursesEligibility Date 31 December_26_11202011/26/2020
Procedure for correction in Student name, cancel admission & student transfer request in Eligibility list.Letter No. 172_27.10202010/27/2020
Eligibility date for Non Professional Course for the Academic year 2020-21.Date of Eligibility_23.10202010/23/2020
Eligibility circular no  135 of 2020.85_Eligibility circular no 135 of 2020 (BLACK) All Pages NEW_06.10202010/6/2020
Exemption of Eligibility late fee for the year 2020-21.eligi 153_29.0920209/29/2020
Exemption of Eligibility late fee for the year 2020-21 for the university departments.Eligi 154_29.0920209/29/2020
Open Eligibility Link.Open Eligibility link_22.0820208/22/2020
New Eligibility Form..Eligibility Form_23.0720197/23/2019
Circular regarding Migration Certificate students' submitting hard copy of the application.mig_09.0720197/9/2019
Eligibility Criteria for Direct Second Year B.SC.(Computer Science and M.Sc.(Computer Science).Computer Science_28.0620196/28/2019
Instruction of Eligibility 40% amount Remuneration.Elg-221_24.0820188/24/2018
Instruction of TC/LC acceptance period.Elg 222_24.082188/24/2018
Not acceptance of Eligibility...Elg list regarding_02.0820188/2/2018
Regarding various eligibility corrections.College circular_24.0320183/24/2018
Instruction for Eligibility.workshop speech_20920179/20/2017
Nomenclature of M.C.V.C. change as H.S.C.(Vocational)HSC Vocational_14920179/14/2017
Non-acceptance of Eligibility Lists for Non-Professional Courses.Eligibility List_14920179/14/2017
Attach 3 years Approval letters to the Eligibility ListAcademic circular_NEW_24-8-178/24/2017
Required AICTE approval for P.G.D.B.M. course155 2017 Circular Regarding PGDBM and AICTE-9-8-178/9/2017
Diploma in IT or Computer of MSBTE is eligible for direct 2nd Year admission for B.Sc.(Computer Science)Diploma to SYBCS_9-8-178/9/2017
Name change of students in EligibilityIMG_2-6-176/2/2017
Circular for Eligibility Fee Remuneration.Dept Notice-17-10-1610/17/2016