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Regarding Exam Bill Submission.Exam Bill Submission_08.10201810/8/2018
Budget circular for the year 2019-2020.Budget circular 2019-20_10.04201810/4/2018
All college  upload immediate bank details for payment.Circular RTGS NEFT update Bank Details_27.0920189/27/2018
 Interest on Housing Loan Scheme for University Staff w.e.f F.Y 2018-19.Rebate Home Loan Circular 22.9.2018_22.0920189/22/2018
Regarding Exam bill submission...examfinance_07.0920189/7/2018
Education Advance for Non-Teaching Staff - 2018-19 - Date Extension.Education Advance 2018-19- Date Extention_23.0820188/23/2018
Education Advance for Non-Teaching Staff - 2018-19.Education Adv. Paripatrak 2018-19_060820188/6/2018
Budget Monitoring Committee Circular..Budget Monitoring Committee Circuler_18.0720187/18/2018
Benefits of Laptop Loan Scheme of SPPU.Circular 18062018_21.0620186/21/2018
Circular Regarding Form No. 16 Financial Year 2017-18.Circular_07.0620186/7/2018
List of the Colleges / Institutes for College Bank detail update and For the Account purpose please mention University PUN Code on letter.College Bank detail update and Pun Code update_24.0520185/24/2018
DSIR Revised Certificate dated 28.02.2018.DSIR Revised Certificate 28022018_5.0320183/5/2018
QIP Camp Dates 2017-18.qip camp place change_5.0320183/5/2018
List of the Colleges /  Institutes of Pune City for QIP Central Audit Camp Date 09/03/2018".Pune Urban 9.3.2018_26.0220182/26/2018
List of the Colleges /  Institutes of Pune City for QIP Central Audit Camp Date 10/03/2018".Pune Urban 10.03.2018_26.0220182/26/2018
QIP Camp Dates 2017-18QIP Camp Date Circular_24.0220182/24/2018
Formats for submission of SPPU exam expenditure.Exam Formats 22.02.2018_22.0220182/22/2018
One day Seminar on Accounts to College staff.Circular Fin-2017-18-1880 Dt 31 Jan 2018 Seminar on Account at Pune Sangamner_01.0220182/1/2018
College Bank Details.Circular College Bank details_29.0120181/29/2018
Exam Advances Circular.exam finance circular_22.0120181/22/2018
Accounting of Stale Cheques.Stale Cheque Liability_12.0120181/12/2018
Budget circular for the year 2018-2019.Budget Meetting 2018-19_02.0120181/2/2018
Mediclaim Policy for relatives of the University Employees 2017-18.Medi Relative Circular 2017_1610201710/16/2017
Amendment in the provisions of Ordinance 151.Ordinance 151 w.e.f 10.10.2017_1310201710/13/2017
Budget circular for the year 2018-2019.Budget Circuler 18-19_310201710/3/2017
Information regarding purchase of Goods & Services for GST Return.GST RETURN (PURCHASE) CIRCULAR_01092017_1_9_20179/6/2017
Education Advance for Non-Teaching Staff - F.Y.2017 - 18Education Advance Paripatrak 2017 _18_23-8-178/23/2017
CAG Audit 2012-13 to 15-16CAG Audit on 10082017_28-7-177/28/2017
University'S GST Registration NumberSPPU_GSTN_14-7-177/14/2017
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