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All India Survey on Higher Education.SPPU DEPT. AISHE LETTER_14.0720187/14/2018
Three-day Induction & Orientation Program...Induction Program for SPPU Departments_09.0720187/9/2018
Circular regarding submission of proposals to RUSA under 2.0.RUSA Final_27.0620186/27/2018
5 days Workshop on 'GST' - Girl's Students Empowerment through Skill BuildingGST 5 days workshop for Girl's Students only_20.0620186/20/2018
Handbook of RUSA - Draft Guidelines.draft-guidelines_13.0620186/13/2018
Meeting of Principal/Director regarding the submission of proposal for RUSA.iqac6/13/2018
Meeting with Management Representative and Principals/Director of the colleges accredited with A and above grade for proposing to acquire the Status of Autonomy.Meeting with Management Representative and_19.0420184/19/2018
Letter regarding meeting with Management Representative and Principals of the colleges accredited with A and above grade.List of NAAC Accrediated Collages with A and above grade_11.0420184/11/2018
“Faculty Development Programs” jointly organized by SPPU, MMCC & MMCOE.Faculty Development program_020220182/2/2018
One day workshop on Academic and Administrative Audit jointly organized by SPPU and CEDA.Principal Invitation_2911201711/29/2017
List of NAAC Accreditation Colleges/Recognized Institiuteslist-of-NAAC-accredited-colleges-institutes-1412201512/14/2015
Microsoft digital innovation lab training for teaching , nonteaching staff & studentsmicrosoft-digital-innovation-lab-training8/28/2015
Guidelines for Academic and Administrative Auditguidelines-for-academic-and-administrative-audit (1)8/28/2015
Format for Academic and Administrative Auditformat-for-academic-and-administrative-auditformat (2)8/28/2015
Evaluation Report of the Departmentevaluation-report-of-the-department (1)8/28/2015
AQAR QuestionnairesIQACGuidelines (2)8/28/2015